XPEED Boxing Speed Bag Speedball Speed Punch Bag For Boxing Platform

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  • XpeeD Speedball /Speedbag a great training aid for improving your hand-eye coordination. Improvements in hand-eye can make the difference in a fight and delivering an accurate punch.

  • XpeeD Speed ball will improve your overall endurance and fitness so you can last longer in the ring.

  • XpeeD speed ball for practice footwork and quickness while training.

  • Helps you in improve all aspects of boxing, such as; hand eye, quickness, defense, speed and more.

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Build excellent speed ordination with XpeeD Boxing Speedball . XpeeD Speedball for for speed, agility, and coordination. XpeeD speed ball to work on hand speed and reflexes. This exercise targets your shoulders, triceps, and lats and helps tone and sculpt your upper body. This is also an impressive cardiovascular exercise that, when performed with a speed bag, acts as a major stress reliever. Available in one “medium” size. High quality material construction a perfect boxing practice training tool which help you to improve footwork and quickness while training.


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