FIRE FLY Running Spike Athletic Shoe PU Track & Field Pair with Extra Set of Nails Stainless


  • Excellent shoe pair with set of high grade stainless nails with free nails fix key tool .
  • High quality PU and Mesh made upper design for perfect support, breathability and protection.
  • Comfortable and thoughtfully designed shoe with cushioning for better moisture control and air-flow to keep feet cool and dry for long running hours.
  • Stylish look maximum comfort ,secure fit, light weight durable performance pair.
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Firefly Running Spikes Green is among the most respected names in running spikes. Ultra lightweight men’s running shoes top quality .The spikes are designed to run on short distances. Featuring Mesh and PU upper material for comfort fit. Inner shoe is padded with soft textile material which guarantees maximum comfort for the foot. unique stiffened construction with projections and spikes, to let you achieve best results. A special key available in the box for easily set losening or tightening the spikes Designed in such a way that it provides maximum comfort to the athletes preventing them from any sort of injuries.

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