CW GARRISON Cricket Ball Red Genuine Leather Superior Quality (Pack of 2)

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  • Premium quality cricket ball with higher quality leather construction.
  • Entire hand stitched which creates the nonbreakable joint between parts and gives ball consist strong shape. Due tight stitching ball gets slight compressed which makes the ball size slight smaller and it get easier to catch the ball.
  • Four piece construction for perfect shape favorable grip, which provides you ease of catch ball and makes your grasp strong.
  • Top grade material made ball with strong core, which made from cork to maintain the hardness of ball.
  • Finest quality cricket ball designed for club matches, cricket school matches tournaments and coaching, excellent ball to last for long.
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With true quality construction CW Garrison red leather cricket ball. Made from original leather that selected to make this ball especially. It has solid internal core of cork , which not get loosed easily. With durable center construction, it has external adequate layer of genuine leather material, for prevents the moisture. Ideal for adult and men’s. CW garrison is suitable for club test and academy matches.


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