CW Tournament Cricket Kit Right & Left Hand Full Cricket Kit for Girls & Boys Cricket Kit with All Things


  • DUFFLE PAK : In large size with heavy-duty construction which can handle the maximum weight and offers a spacious compartment for maintaining all sports gears. The bag has double bat compartments. Frontal accessories space for keeping the other essentials near to your reach.
  • Cricket Bat : With a superior texture that has made from genuine Kashmir Willow the perfect bat for leather ball play. Superior blade with high density in the middle and durable handle. In a perfect light weight which gives you the convenience of playing all-rounder shots without straining on the wrist.
  • Cricket Gloves: Ideal cricket gloves pair with have design which offers you protection with comfort and gives flexible fit for making grasp on the bat handle. It is textured from superior quality materials that stay last for long. Elasticated wrap around wrist for stable fits.
  • Cricket Pads : Ultimate lightweight cricket batting pads with protective facing for superior protection and impact reduction. The cushioned back provides stable and comfortable support with flexibility. For keeping batting pads stable the pads have three adjustable closure straps.
  • Helmet: The superior protector guard provides comprehensive coverage from top head to mouth and chin. For stability and quick adjustment, nylon strap closure has designed in the helmet.
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Tournament: Undoubtedly Tournament cricket full kit with the backpack is ideal for batsmen who want a cricket package that offers them safety to play liberally. Complete cricket kit set with a kit bag, Kashmir Willow cricket bat, and cricket protective gear for providing comprehensive protection to batters. Therefore the kit has batting leg guard /cricket pads, that give optimum protection feels light to legs, and assent to move rapidly. Moreover, this included cricket batting gloves that give comfortable and breathable protection throughout playing. Apart from external protectors cricket batting pads, batting gloves elbow protector includes internal protective gear thigh guard which gives supportive protection and abdominal guard.

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